Etiquette & Decorum Kathleen Jones

Kathleen Jones, Founder and Director of Etiquette & Decorum, is a multilingual Certified International Youth, Social, and Business Etiquette Consultant, Protocol Consultant, and Cross-Culture Specialist, trained by the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London™.

She provides her consultancy services to a wide-range of clients, from different cultures and backgrounds, based in Monaco and abroad.

Her International background and education, and her previous professional experience, have led her to develop her passion for International Communication Codes, the Art of Living, Children's Education, and Women Empowerment.

Etiquette & Decorum’s concept is to provide a Modular Finishing School, with convenient programs, accommodating busy schedules and time constraints, answering the questions of “what”, “how”, and “when”, and making every day and every occasion easier to manage.

The value provided to our clients is the enhancement of their soft skills, a greater self-confidence, a broader general awareness, and shift of perspectives.

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