«Every trip has such an important meaning for me that buying a souvenir was not enough anymore, I felt the need to create something that reminded me of the most special places»

Thus was born the story of Moma, from the need of Ramona Frigoli to give an even greater significance to his life as a globetrotter. Returning from his every journey, Ramona began to transform every sensation into a jewel, distilling in it the charm of the world.
Moma is as Ramona used to call herself when, still young, she could not pronounce her name and became emblematic when at the age of 10 she saw what was left of her heart: the Moma Museum in NY.
For three years Ramona has dedicated to her little jewel all her life and her imagination, with the intent to transmit her passion, always taking into account the needs of the client and allowing her to decide every detail.
This is how something unique, something special is born. Something you will always want to carry with you.
Moma is the result of a combination that recalls an oxymoron: simplicity and uniqueness. His creations show clean, discrete but sophisticated lines.
Each jewel is entirely handmade in Italy, its suppliers are all Tuscan. The jewels are made of 925 silver, galvanized with rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.
Quality is the key point for Moma and Ramona, intransigent in its research into raw materials, concentrating all its attention to ensure impeccable products, born to stay in time.
She allows her clients to customize some of her creations and adores the idea that Moma is the subject of multiple creative sources.