Our Mission

«Every trip has such an important value for me that buying a souvenir was no longer enough, I felt the need to create something that would remind me of the most loved and appreciated places »
This is how Moma's story was born, from Ramona's desire to give even greater meaning to her life as a globetrotter.
Returning from all her experiences around the world, she began to transform her every sensation into a jewel, enclosing in it the charm of the lands visited.
Moma is as she said her name was Ramona when, still a child, she could not pronounce her name and it became emblematic when at the age of 10 she saw what has remained for her her place of the heart: the Moma Museum in NY.
For seven years she has dedicated to his project, all her life, her imagination, her time, with the intention of transmitting this passion, always keeping in mind the needs of the customer and allowing her to choose the details of her jewel.
This is how something unique, special is born that you will always want to take with you.