Hortus Solaro

Hortus Solaro plant nursery was established in 2007 by reconverting one of the oldest flower-growing companies in Sanremo, which used to produce roses and orchids from cut flowers.

This long experience has greatly supported us in creating a specialised flower nursery producing and selling indoor and outdoor ornamental plants.

The quality, wide choice, particular and unusual plants, grown and tended with the passion and experience of people who have known and loved flowers for years make Hortus Solaro a reference for all plant lovers who desire to create green and colourful areas in their houses, terraces and gardens.

Inside and outside its modern greenhouses, located on the Solaro hillside, plants of every species are exhibited in dreamy settings, arranged and placed like in a great garden where they are discovered one by one as you walk in the flower nursery.

And if you do not know plants, we will take this walk with you and explain all the features and requirements of each one of them, to help you make the perfect choice to create your green areas.

After sales, Hortus Solaro will provide you with the necessary technical support to place and maintain your plants as efficiently as possible. In this way you can fully make your dreams come true and keep your green areas perfect for many years to come.

Come and visit us often, the nursery is continuing evolving and each month you can discover which plants are blossoming in that moment. Particularly in spring, from mid-April on, do not miss the explosion of flowers and colours of all seasonal and evergreen plants.

Hortus Solaro is in Via Solaro Rapalin, 30A, 18038 Sanremo IM, Italy.