Padua - May 2017

Moma Gioielli in Padua for a round table: between emerging designers and businesses.
I was personally contacted by the lawyer Ilaria Antonella Belluco who organized this round table on May 4th at the CBA Studio Legale e Tributario firm in Padua but with various offices in Italy and abroad.
His overwhelming friendliness, despite the fact that I hadn't planned to go to Padua last week, gave me the enthusiasm to follow commitments I had made previously and to frame this trip to Veneto.
Wonderful experience and source of important information for a start up both on a legal and practical level in a constructive and interesting debate.
An opportunity for training dialogue on the problems and opportunities for the new faces of the fashion world with related intervention by us designers and legal advice from Doctor Belluco, Doctor Sartori, the Director of the Fashion Consortium Doctor Caprara and Doctor Gobbo .
Fifteen brands selected and the honor of being part of them.
An afternoon that allowed me to meet many people, some of whom are in the same sector as me and to notice that my problems are similar if not the same as many of the start-ups present.
Dialogue, comparison and debate on important points where legal help can often be the solution to problems that seem unsolvable, an excellent and well-trained lawyer can easily streamline procedures and give useful advice from trademark registration to company creation.
Lawyer Belluco, an excellent moderator, an important lawyer, a charming and energetic woman, managed to create a convivial environment by combining fashion and jurisdiction in an absolutely natural way.
Needless to say, it was a positive experience and a great honor for me to be able to talk about my dream, my projects and my small or large difficulties encountered to date.