Inn in Tuscany

When we started thinking about how we wanted our Locanda in Tuscany, we found ourselves at a crossroads: selling luxury stays or offering unforgettable experiences?

It would have been easier to aim for the realization of the first idea, but this was not what we wanted to do. Looking into each other's eyes and holding hands we chose to take a different path. We asked ourselves: what is often missing from the world of luxury today? What are the things that are not easy to buy? The answer was only one: Love.

It all started from this word. We looked for a place that vibrated with a special energy. If the view and the location are fundamental, at the same time so is that unique sensation you get when you enter a place that remains in your heart. A place you love to return to.

When we crossed the threshold of the Locanda in Tuscany, we had no doubts: this was the right place to realize our project.

We try to evolve in harmony not only with our Guests but above all with the environment around us and with our collaborators. Each of them, in the daily organisation, is encouraged to contribute to the best of their respective skills. The continuous flow of ideas and creativity is made available to welcome guests, to offer them a unique stay and an unforgettable experience in the magical Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By visiting us you will discover authentic Tuscan hospitality with all its typical colors and flavors. Locanda in Tuscany wants to offer above all an emotion that everyone can carry within themselves. And we will be happy to meet you whenever you want to come back to visit us, a bit like you do with an old childhood friend. Because, as we always say with our collaborators, hospitality is a vocation.

Love is…

Luca, Claudia and Filippo Bernetti