Palazzo Manfredi - Rome

Discover the Eternal City in this extraordinary lifestyle Fusing colourful, vintage and exotic design with the timeless charm of the location, PALM SUITE is located in the heart of the Eternal City with an enviable central location overlooking the Roman imperial forum.

PALM SUITE Rome is located a few steps from the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and a 5-minute walk from Palazzo Manfredi Relais & Chateaux.

Count Goffredo Manfredi, born in 1918, was one of the most prominent personalities in Rome, both for his entrepreneurial activism and for the elegance of his homes and his hospitality. Next to him, his wife, Countess Enrica, descended on the one hand from the ancient Russian imperial house and on the other from the English romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Together for 58 years, this extraordinary couple wrote one of the most refined chapters of Roman worldliness.

At just 18 years old, in 1936, Count Manfredi founded his first building and road construction company. During the war he participated in the Resistance, so much so that he earned a silver medal for military valor. Since the 1950s he has been one of the main interpreters of Italy's economic revival.

Palazzo Manfredi, an exclusive luxury hotel, represents one of his latest adventures and is certainly the one that summarizes more than others the sumptuousness and refinement of his lifestyle.