Riva loft - Florence

Riva Lofts is a jewel set on the left bank of the Arno, a short distance from the Renaissance center of Florence.

A complex with a centuries-old history, a former factory since 1880, then transformed into artisan workshops and, in 1999, into the home-atelier of the architect Claudio Nardi.

Thanks to its slightly secluded position, it gives its guests the opportunity to relax in an intimate but not isolated place and to appreciate the authentic atmosphere in peace, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Riva Lofts is an urban refuge where you can indulge in every little pleasure: in summer you can lie in the sun by the pool; in winter you can sit in front of the fireplace in the stone-walled lounge. Or you can take one of the vintage bicycles and, crossing the Arno, breathe the air of the large Cascine park or get lost among the buildings of the historic center.

Riva Lofts is an intimate and discreet urban retreat, thanks to the service and small attentions we dedicate to all our guests, to satisfy every taste and desire.

A place where everything is functional for hospitality and where that relaxing atmosphere typical of our lofts is created.