Chopard in Flims a perfect dream

When you are little you can only imagine some things, you grow up, you receive some invitations, you get excited.

Chopard in Flims a perfect dream.

It was easier to take a flight from Nice to Zurich , but by now you know me, I love to complicate my life, or rather, I combined business with pleasure. Red weather alert, departure at four from home, rain, wind, snow, a stop in Lugano , one in Bellinzona for clients and friends, San Bernardino pass and then Flims Waldhaus , called so easy and painless, in reality I would say heroic.

I love historic hotels, I love old elevators, the long corridors with white doors in this small village seem to go back to the times of history books, a leader in the world of jewelry and watchmaking has chosen this place to present the new watch to a few guests of the maison. A quiet dinner, a perfect set up, music, international guests.

Each of us has dreams in the drawer, I still have about twenty of them to fulfill and I open and close the drawer very often, I have to be honest, I have always dreamed of a photo in front of an important banner, last night that one arrived moment and I wasn't exactly ready, the result was an institutional photo smile, a heart doing somersaults with happiness and to date I have nineteen dreams in my drawer.

Life, you were crazy this time too, you always arrive at the right time having been patient and you respected the times that the heart doesn't anticipate.

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