Christmas Souk in Franciacorta

L'Albereta , a splendid relais in Franciacorta , the perfect setting for our last weekend. We were invited to attend their highly anticipated Christmas Souk .

Nestled among the vineyards and hills, an elegant residence, where hospitality, good food and taking care of yourself come together in one wonderful experience, this is how I would like to describe the three days spent in this Relais & Châteaux .

An event that has now become a must in the weeks leading up to Christmas, with a noble aim, donating an important contribution to the Flying Angels Foundation association which allows seriously ill girls and boys to reach a hospital where they can be treated, thanks to a plane ticket and this in many cases makes the difference #salvALI .

At Albereta you feel at home and even at the Souk you can breathe a special atmosphere, many exhibitors, different experiences, different lives, small, medium, large companies and realities, artisans or simply people who know what the importance of Made in Italy means. Italy , of the uniqueness of the product, of the tradition, of the careful choice of materials.

A life experience, that's how I would define it, a great opportunity for Moma Gioielli, to compare and grow, helping those who are less fortunate. You won't believe it but my little living room that was assigned to me was in front of the workstation of a super makeup artist , she wanted to do my makeup, I bought a mascara, it seemed like a turning point... yesterday morning I tried to use it and I'll just tell you that I used more makeup remover wipes in half an hour than a Hollywood makeup artist in her entire career and obviously I left home because Kung Fu Panda was an amateur in comparison.

I had started dreaming of long eyelashes and a less fishy look, but I think for the moment I will continue with my no heels , no make-up philosophy .

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