The big changes

In life it takes courage to choose, sometimes, the most difficult path. Great work successes are achieved with a healthy apprenticeship and important objectives are achieved with consistency, dedication and tenacity. I have never been afraid to fight for what I believe in.

A few months ago, after three years of hard and serious work for my company, where I no longer knew Saturdays and Sundays, flights taken in queues and suitcases packed and unpacked in record time, I decided, or rather my health decided for me , to love me more. Sooner or later life takes its toll on everyone, I thank heaven that it put it before me at just thirty-four years old because I had time to understand, to think but above all to act.

An obligatory visit to my cardiologist, a sentence "from the tables, Ramona, you are very obese", did not hurt me, it shook me, he had not become unpleasant in my eyes, today I thank him, it is to him that I owe my determination, my desire to feel good, my biggest bet, my most important challenge. I heard in those words the desire to help me, not contempt, I listened to reality, like stepping on the scale and seeing that 95 kg. I didn't want shortcuts, I cut out carbs, sweets, snacks, I suffered from hunger, I had to start going to the gym, I couldn't choose anymore.

There were difficult days but I don't remember ever thinking of abandoning my path, I had support from specialist doctors, I didn't improvise as my own doctor, I didn't take medicines, I just revolutionized my diet, in a healthy way , a little of everything, the necessary. I understood that our body is a perfect machine and that if fed correctly, it doesn't need excesses, you learn to deal with your psychophysical balance and you realize that there is a strength inside you that I didn't know I had. have. Consistency is the lifeblood of this journey of mine, not wanting to disappoint myself and those who have been by my side in recent months have created a sort of self-control in me that today I can say is part of me.

Two kilos missing from my goal, I had given myself the deadline of December 30th, to breathe deeply on the thirty-first and walk more lightly towards this two thousand and twenty.

It was June 3rd, two thousand and nineteen, almost twenty-four weeks later, it almost seems like a dream to me, being able to say I'm just a breath away from my finish line.
Now I have to go, you'll forgive me, but I have to redo my wardrobe, any excuse is good, women know this well.

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  • Angela

    Sei una forza!

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