“Despite having already lived 34 springs, I still haven't fully understood what my favorite city in the world is, I'm sure of one thing: Marrakech is one of those places where when I land I feel at home.”

I love navigating the narrow streets of the medina between a straw bag, a jute sack full of spices or dried flowers, always surprised by scooters cutting across the road and now hearing myself called "Moma".

Positive energy, good food, colors, fabrics and carpets.

“My excellent turndown” in the city is definitely at the Four Seasons , now home for me, where a few months ago I also took photos of the Moroccan-inspired collection.

Summer aperitifs and more, with old friends, are undoubtedly on the terrace of El Fenn , between a little light and ceramic tables, colorful walls and an internal garden to discover.

On the evenings when my flight lands late, a little place where I go without having to choose a super outfit is LA SALAMA , you can hardly find better couscous , a glass of local red wine (this was suggested to me) and some briouats , I could eat it for days and days even for breakfast, and that's it.

There are special places, where I have memorable memories, one of these is THE SULTANA, a dinner is a must, tables by a small swimming pool, Moroccan music, excellent food and a unique atmosphere.

During the day you have to go to the BELDI COUNTRY CLUB , a rose garden, a greenhouse where you can eat, a few shops and a hotel, it seems like you are in a place out of the world, few noises only nature. Returning to the city you can make a stop at SELMAN , I tell you only wonderful horses... the rest is up to you to discover.

AMANJENA I call it "the land of toys" for an informal lunch, a wonderful place recently created, an oasis in the desert.

Land turtles, green tiles, wooden tables and chairs are the setting of LE JARDIN , an excellent break for lunch between one shop and another, their Moroccan tea is unquestionably the best.

Lift your eyes from where you are sitting and you will see a staircase that leads to a small boutique reign of Norya Ayron , from here come most of my summer outfits, caftans, long dresses, kimonos, she is an artist of now international fame, the his prints, his garments worn by many famous people.

Fabrics, my great passion, I purchase from the little tailor you find when exiting LE JARDIN immediately on the left after passing the arch, he is always in the window of his shop, small hands, clear eyes and innate elegance.

Whether you are in the city for work or pleasure, you cannot miss a Hammam and a rose oil massage.

I forgot, even though I love the club sandwich here I completely forget about it, just briouats and spicy chicken with vegetables.

Pack an extra suitcase for the return because the straw bags, hats, ceramics and incense take place and do not fold.

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