My passion for travel is no longer a mystery, the search for details and the desire to discover new places always leads me to experience different realities and therefore hotels, farms, boutique hotels and those small family-run businesses that make you feel at home .

Many of you have always asked me to give the famous " tips " for trips in Italy and abroad. From today we have decided to create a #momaconsiglia on our website, we have just started to "copy" my little travel notebook which I always update with great care.

We want to start from Italy , from north to south and our splendid islands, every week we will add some little gems, once all my Italian "secrets" have been revealed we will dedicate ourselves abroad . They are places where I have savored the highest level of Italian hospitality, carefully prepared breakfasts, excellent cuisine with local products, welcoming rooms and bathrooms with bathtubs, I don't like taking a shower and windows overlooking breathtaking landscapes.

This is just the beginning... little by little we will try to surprise you more and more.

To our Italy, to the smaller realities, to the families of lifelong hoteliers, to our beautiful country, to the desire to travel to discover what we should have always known before wanting to become expert " sailors " in other seas.

Happy travels to all Italians .

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