I don't consider myself a fashion victim.

In the morning as soon as you wake up, hot water and lemon, fruit and strong coffee, before the diet: bread, butter and jam, freshly squeezed juice and coffee with sugar, let's say that life changes.

I don't consider myself a fashion victim, more than anything I consider myself a quality addict.
I don't have a make-up bag, I've never had a mascara, I've never bought a foundation or a lipstick, on the other hand I'm the most expert in toothpaste, toothbrushes, pipe cleaners and mouthwashes.

My perfume has always been the same all my life, Avenue Montagne by Brecourt .

Crazy for para pharmacies and natural supplements.

I don't have heels, I love flats, Capri sandals, riding boots, Friulian shoes, a bit against the grain. I have four pairs of trousers in the wardrobe, blue, I can't stand black and I don't have anything of this colour, I love long dresses and skirts, in short I'm a bit strange. A collection of hats that I use in summer and winter, belts of all kinds and a boundless passion for bags.

I buy what I like, not an item because it's fashion, I never change seasons, a summer dress with a Cashmere sweater immediately becomes winter, I love Manoush , I love Ba&sh , lately Zimmermann, Le Vernisse, AVAVAV Florence, Olivia Von Halle , one last wonderful discovery Mariaelena Samperi and the inevitable Zara who always takes you out of last minute problems.

I have a serious love affair with vintage clothes, I buy during my travels, I don't have a reference shop, maybe online, in the evening, it depends.

In my suitcases there is a bit of everything, in my wardrobes there are clothes that have a reason, they remind you of travel, they are carefully chosen and are part of me, accessories and clothes from my grandmother Jolanda and gifts from those who know me well. Large earrings, preferably with pearls, long and all different necklaces, bangle bracelets and every now and then some rings.

Compulsive buyer of fabrics, I love having wonders made by my seamstress from Bordighera , they are the same ones I use for Moma bags, nothing left to chance, everything studied, perhaps, even better, made with the heart.

One plane after another I learned to be punctual, but not to travel light.

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