Taking life back into your own hands

Strange feeling, I normally write the blog between one appointment and another, during a lunch break, on a flight, in short, in a little bit of time in a life that passes by very quickly without almost realizing it.

A succession of trips, commitments, duties, very short nights and infinite days. Sitting in an armchair, looking out, I see the sea, comfortable clothing, Friulians and tied hair, I try to get my blog back in hand, suspended due to lack of time and no desire to tell my story.

This whole situation is incredible, I don't think it's the time to start a controversy, I think we need to respect the rules, without being clever, to regain our freedom. Seeing my diary with all canceled appointments, no airline flights in my wallet on my smartphone for the next few weeks is as if time has stopped, as if life wants to teach us priorities, the ability to rejoice again, the 'appreciate the little things, the strength of human relationships, the sincerity of feelings, yes, because we will emerge stronger but I am even more certain that we will be different, with rooted certainties, crumbled or strengthened affections, different points of view, concrete objectives and above all with a great desire to live, a hug, a kiss, a dinner with friends, a trip, a day at the office.

I struggled to adapt to these rhythms, even today, I feel like I'm in a bubble, despite the fact that I continue to work twelve hours a day even from home, having an e-commerce to follow and a customer service open 24/7.

I often stop to think about what these days would have been like if all this hadn't happened, then I immediately take my mind off it and try to live in the present, because what this quarantine, which I pleasantly call mysweetquarantine, wants to teach us is precisely to learn to live every moment and appreciate it fully. I would like to do so many things that I can no longer focus on which of these could be my priority, those who know me well know that I don't like hugging, paradoxically, it would be the first thing I would like to do.

We have time for ourselves, it's an opportunity.

In the most difficult moments you understand who you are.

When all this is over I would like to be able to hug those who are certainties for me, to say I love you without embarrassment, to not always struggle with distances but to admit that I miss you, to thank out loud those who worked even from afar for Moma , to write a message without thinking too much, I'm learning that time lived to the full is never a mistake but things left unsaid may no longer have the time they deserved.

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