Moma goes around the world

My name is Moma, oops... sorry Ramona.
I love traveling but not packing.
I only eat milk chocolate and I love schnitzel.
Until a few months ago I weighed 95 kilos, today -30... I no longer eat milk chocolate or schnitzel.
After many years of working abroad, I decided to create my own reality, I understood that working for the sake of working...
you might as well work for yourself.
An unbridled passion for hotels, for well-made beds, laundry bags, for perfect breakfasts, for an excellent club sandwich in the room while watching Netflix. “Working even 24 hours a day is perfectly right and doesn't scare me, but in the evening I love sleeping in a bed with
a careful turndown.”
I have never made a secret of my passions and Moma led me to tell all of you, not only about my company but also about my crazy, endless and unusual commutes.
In order to write this blog it is necessary to go back in time a little and look at some old photos, in order to try to remember as best as possible all the details of my past trips, to get to the most recent ones and future ones.
Traveling is not just booking a flight and a hotel, it means having new experiences or consolidating fixed points, having perfect outfits for every occasion, knowing how to pack suitcases in a workmanlike manner "with little space, entire wardrobes to take with you", finding the most particular locations, perhaps in the company of some friends and an excellent glass of wine... ah no, I'm a teetotaler, you can't rely on me too much about this, I'm a lover of natural water, cold, very cold indeed, served in thin glasses, colored jugs and particular bottles.